Raghav Mishra

I'm Raghav, also known as Rags or Raggy.
I’m a 20 year old Mechatronic Engineering student at the University of Queensland in my 4th year.
I have a passion for robotics, electronics, AI/ML, physics, and applied mathematics.
I was a Data Science intern at PETRA Data Science and a summer research scholar at CSIRO Data61's Robotics and Autonomous Systems group in 2018.
I was a software engineering intern at Microsoft's  Automated Machine Learning group in 2019.


I like to go on rants about stuff I find interesting

Why convolutions?

A dance of signals, impulse responses and linear time-invariant systems

Many a times engineers have had the ideas of convolutions lazily puked on them during a class on signal or control theory. Rarely is it properly explained what convolutions are and...