Raghav Mishra

I'm Raghav, also known as Rags or Raggy.
I’m a Mechatronic Engineering student at the University of Queensland .
I have a passion for robotics, dynamics and control, signal processing, and machine learning.
I was a Data Science intern at PETRA Data Science and a vacation research scholar at CSIRO Data61's Robotics and Autonomous Systems group in 2018.
I was a software engineering intern at Microsoft's  Automated Machine Learning group in 2019.
I was a teaching assistant for UQ's Signal, Systems and Discrete Control course and Robotics & Advanced Control course in 2020.
Currently, I am doing my Master's thesis on design of granular jamming grippers and rhythmic control methods for soft robotics at CSIRO.


I like to go on rants about stuff I find interesting

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